Many of the A Level courses in this category will be new to students – that is, they will not have been available at GCSE – which is a good reason to take a close look and perhaps find the very subject you were looking for. For instance, students who enjoy History are often drawn to subjects such as Ancient History and Classical Civilisation.

Those with an interest in news and current affairs may consider Government and Politics as an option.

Humanities and Languages Student of the Year: Vickie Lovell

Vickie is studying a demanding programme of four AS Levels. She is also a member of the Young Carers Association, does voluntary work with under-privileged children and is a member of the Marine Cadets. By any measure, this student has a challenging programme of study and is achieving a very high standard in all her subjects, but the fact that she is achieving this on top of being a carer, doing additional voluntary work and being a cadet is a real testament.