A Taste of Asia

Trosolwg o’r Cwrs

Each week, master the art of preparing and cooking two exotic dishes to include Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Planned delivery:

  • Week 1- Induction to course and cookery demonstration by tutor
  • Week 2- Practical session
  • Week 3- Practical session
  • Week 4- Practical session
  • Week 5- Practical session and course evaluation

Gofynion Mynediad

This course is suitable for beginners or those with an interest in developing their culinary knowledge.

Dull Addysgu’r Cwrs

Primarily classroom based, with practical activities. Due to the non vocational nature of the course, no formal assessments are completed.

Cyfleoedd Dilyniant

Further cooking classes (non accredited)

Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol


You will receive a full list of course contents along with recipes as part of the first lesson, during which you will also receive a college induction, health and safety briefing and a practical demonstration by the course tutor. 
Essential information - you will be required to provide: 
•      All ingredients (approximately £10 per week)
•      Protective clothing (white coat or apron and hat or hair net)
Hygiene and safety:
•      No jewellery allowed in the kitchen
•      Long hair must be fully tied back and contained in a hair net
•      No gel nails or nail polish allowed. 
•      Closed, no slip, flat footwear must be worn
Cwrs ar gael yn Gymraeg: