Lash FX Eyelash Extensions

Trosolwg o’r Cwrs

This course is about preparing and providing single eyelash extension treatments. To carry out this unit you will need to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout your work.

Using Lash FX products, you will be taught how to select and apply a full set of lash extensions, how to provide infills and safe and effective lash removal.

Gofynion Mynediad

No formal qualifications are required.

Dull Addysgu’r Cwrs

This course is delivered over one day to cover both theoretical and practical aspects.
There is half day assessment on completion of six case studies.

Cyfleoedd Dilyniant

Students will be able to provide permanent individual lashes on clients after completion of the six case studies and assessment day.

Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol

Students will need to attend a guidance session at the Broadway Centre.
Students will be expected to wear full length black trousers, flat enclosed black shoes and plain black top/tunic. 
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