Dementia Awareness QCF Certificate Level 3

This course is suitable for support staff working in the health and social care sector. It has a particular relevance for those working with older service users, including those working with stages of pre-senile dementia.

This course provides information that will enable students to achieve a broad underpinning knowledge of the subject, together with practical skills that will enable them to support people experiencing dementia.

At the conclusion of the programme, the expected learning outcomes are that the student will:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of a variety of dementias
  • Understand the difficulties and challenges faced by people with dementia and identify the best ways to support them.
  • Empathise with people experiencing dementia
  • Feel more confident when working with service users who have a dementia
  • Have the knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of life of people with dementias
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