Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This course is aimed at anyone who may come into contact with individuals who may have drug and/or alcohol issues. These include: youth workers, teachers, nurses/paramedics, counsellors police services, probation workers, fitness instructors, community workers etc.

There are different reasons for wanting to know about drug and alcohol issues. For many people in society today, it could be knowledge which relates to an area of work. There are many occupations which will benefit from knowledge of drug and alcohol issues, either to find employment or to improve the quality of the work being carried out.

Drug and alcohol misuse is still an issue wrapped in myths, and often fiction gets in the way of the facts. The aim of this course is about being aware of the effects drugs and alcohol can have on your mind and body and even the way individuals live their lives. It provides candidates with an awareness of the key issues on drug and alcohol misuse.

There are serious risks linked to substance misuse, so it’s vital to be able to recognise the signs and receive relevant information you can trust. This course will enable participants to identify and reduce risks in connection with substance misuse and consider the application and delivery of safer working environments. This training day will offer a practical guide for dealing with drug and alcohol related problems.

Benefits to the learner 

  • Recognise signs and symptoms of substance misuse.
  • Acquire the tools needed to facilitate people experiencing alcohol/substance difficulties.
  • Feel more confident when working with people who misuse substances.
  • Raise awareness of alcohol consumption and its consequence.
GCS Training This course is offered by Gower College Swansea's business training team at GCS Training. Proceed to view Drug and Alcohol Awareness at GCS Training.