Business Introductory Diploma

Course Overview

Delivery of the courses is undertaken by highly qualified lecturers who strive to provide a course which emulates the real business world. This course is an introduction to business and is ideally suited for those who wish to study business or go on to do an apprenticeship.

Study units may include:

  • Being Organised
  • Business Planning 
  • Developing a Personal Progression Plan 
  • Organising a Meeting
  • Branding a Product
  • Creating a Visual Display
  • Presenting a Business Idea
  • Contributing to Running an Event
  • Communicating with Customers

Added March 2019

Entry Requirements

An interview is required

Course Delivery

The course is assessed by vocationally relevant continuous assessment.

Progression Opportunities

A pass, high attendance levels and a positive tutor report will help the student progress to BTEC Level 2 in Business

Additional Information

All students will participate in trips which are funded by the student (approx £40).

Course deliverable in Welsh: