Introduction to Substance Misuse

This course is designed to facilitate candidates in building an awareness of the subject of substance misuse - what drugs are, and how to overcome common misconceptions on substance misuse.

This course is appropriate to a wide ranging target population from post-14 years including employers, educators, health and social care workers, substance misuse workers [including volunteers], parents and the general public who are interested in this field.

The course aims to:

  • To build knowledge of the various substances commonly associated with substance misuse, their effects, appearance, and street names.
  • Introduce the synthetically designed drug box which allows participants to visualise a variety of substances in true form and how they are administered.
  • Provide an accessible and flexible learning opportunity for a wide range of individuals. 
  • To create awareness that first aid may be necessary in drug related incidents. 
GCS Training This course is offered by Gower College Swansea's business training team at GCS Training. Proceed to view Introduction to Substance Misuse at GCS Training.