LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Training

GCS Training’s changeover domestic natural gas to LPG is for those holding a current CCN1 certificate or a COCN1 certificate. This course includes CoNGLP1 PD; installation servicing and repair of domestic appliances in permanent dwellings. The course also includes the categories for LPG appliances in residential park homes, leisure accommodation vehicles, boats and yachts and closed flue gas fires. These categories are optional and can be tailored to meet the operative’s needs.

Operatives who do not wish to complete all of the modules within the package should contact GCS Training for a revised price / duration of the course. 

GCS Training This course is offered by Gower College Swansea's business training team at GCS Training. Proceed to view LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Training at GCS Training.