Introduction to Film-Making (PLA)

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Course Overview

Week 1: The basics

  • Introduction to the camera, tripods, memory cards, downloading video, editing software

Week 2: Making a film montage

  • 10 second film-making: 10 shots, 10 different camera shot-types (EST, LS, MS, CU, etc.), download, edit in sequence

Week 3: Storyboarding and making a (silent) narrative film

  • Using a storyboard for pre-production of a film shoot. Leading to…
  • 10 second narrative film. Todorov film structure – balance, disruption, acknowledgement of disruption, struggle, new balance – minimum six shots, minimum six shot types. Download and edit

Week 4: Making a narrative film with sound – part one

  • 10 second narrative film with diegetic sound (actor voices, on-screen sound) and non-diegetic sound (soundtrack/voiceover) – as week 3: six shots, Todorov structure, six shot types

Weeks 5 and 6: Storyboarding and making a narrative film with sound - part two

  • Storyboarding a 20 second film, including where sound/track is needed
  • 20 second narrative film with sound. Minimum 12 shots, six shot-types per film.
  • Film must include a (minimum three second) flashback and be stylised differently from the rest of the film through colour / edit / camera effects and sound.

Week 6: Screenings of films to group

Weeks 7 - 10: Short film-making – the discipline

  • Extending the 20 sec film of weeks 5/6 to a one minute film with a three act structure

Added March 2021

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Detailed Course Information

Where and when can I study?

Start Date: Tue 11 Jan 2022 | Course Code: ZA439 ETB2 | Cost: £0

Level -   Tue   5-7.30pm   16 weeks   Tycoch