Introduction to Podcasting

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Course Overview

Podcasting is an ever growing medium that can be used to educate and inform your audience in an engaging an entertaining way. This course will give you the basics you need to be able to create your own podcasts.

Within this course you will learn the following podcasting techniques:

  • Introduction to podcasting
  • Planning your podcast structure
  • Presentation styles
  • Audio recording techniques
  • Audio editing software and techniques using Audacity
  • Podcast production assignment
  • Podcast hosting

Added June 2021

Entry Requirements

This is a beginners' course so no previous experience needed, however an interest in radio / podcasting and experience with creative software would be advantageous.

Course Delivery

This 10 week course course will be delivered through a 1.5 hr online class through Microsoft Teams, with an additional hour online support session. Assessment will take place through task based activities leading up to the creation of a final podcast assignment.

Progression Opportunities

The skills and techniques learnt on this course will help you to progress into radio and podcast production.

Additional Information

Access to an audio recording device such as mobile phone or computer microphone is necessary.

Course deliverable in Welsh:
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