Welding codings BS EN 9606

Course Overview

This international coding standard is suitable for pressure vessels, pressure pipework and other critical applications, such as bridges and some structural steelwork applications.

These tests are carried out in accordance with welding standard BS EN ISO 9606 and are usually subject to a volumetric inspection, such as radiography or ultrasonic examination. Depending on the particular weld configuration, each test can cover a range of welding variables, for example material thickness and welding positions.

Welder coding certificates must be signed every six months by a suitably qualified person to confirm the welder is still producing welds of the required standard. You must be formally re-tested at least every two years.

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Entry Requirements

Competent in welding practical skills and weld technology knowledge.

Course Delivery

Practical based with welding technology knowledge.

Additional Information

Other Opportunities include Coded Welding Testing – BS 4872 and preparation for CSWIP 3.0 courses.

Course deliverable in Welsh: