Providing Financial Services QCF Level 3 Certificate

This qualification is designed for learners responsible for the performance of others, who work in banks, building societies, mortgage providers, debt collection agencies, finance/H.P providers and customer service organisations - this qualification can be tailored to suit anyone whose role involves providing financial services.

At the conclusion of the programme, the expected learning outcomes are that the student will:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities and be able to discuss, agree and implement a personal development plan
  • Be able to identify work objectives and develop a plan to meet objectives, both personally and with a team.
  • Be able to identify and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Reflect on, and enhance their selling skills.
  • Understand and demonstrate the key elements in providing excellent customer service.
  • Be able to effectively process financial transactions.

The course consists of seven (nine for debt collection) units, three mandatory and four (six for debt collection) optional units relating to the students specific area of finance.

Mandatory units:

  • Improving and maintaining workplace competence in a financial services environment
  • Developing productive working relationships with colleagues
  • Complying with regulations within the financial services environment

Optional units are tailored to suit the individual sector

The units cover a range of topics including customer service, sales, sales administration and personal development.

GCS Training This course is offered by Gower College Swansea's business training team at GCS Training. Proceed to view Providing Financial Services QCF Level 3 Certificate at GCS Training.