Virtual Open Day
Wednesday 24 June 2020


Our Virtual Open Day (Wednesday 24 June) was a chance for you to explore the range of courses we offer, live chat with our staff and gain a real insight into life at Gower College Swansea. If you attended, we hope that you enjoyed and found out everything that you wanted to know!

If you didn’t get a chance to ask all the questions that you wanted answers to, please email us at and we will forward your queries to the relevant departments.

As part of this Open Day, we held live presentations on Zoom. Please see the recordings below.


Mark Jones, Principal

Where can we take you?

Nick Brazil, Deputy Principal

A Level courses

Lucy Hartnoll, Dean of Faculty

Student Support

Hayley Thomas, Dean of Faculty

My College Experience

Laimis Lisauskas, Student Union President

Using your Welsh at College

Anna Davies, Bilingual Champion

Top 10 questions asked during the livestreams

When do courses start?

Our current plans are based on the very latest guidance from Welsh Government and we will adapt and flex these plans as the guidance continues to evolve. At the time of publishing this answer, we are aiming to begin the new College year on Tuesday 1 September for full time courses.

We do not have an exact date for part time courses yet, but please keep checking the website. We will also announce the release of part time course details on Facebook and Twitter.

How will the Covid-19 situation effect learning and College life?

The health, safety and wellbeing of all of our students is, and always will be, our number one priority.


With social distancing requirements likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future, we are adapting how we run all of our programmes, advancing with the blended approach to teaching and learning that we have been using successfully in recent months.

Our current plans are based on the very latest guidance from Welsh Government and we will adapt and flex these plans as the guidance continues to evolve.

As we begin the new College year in September, we will ensure that all of our learners will continue to receive high quality teaching. We will provide a blend of face to face classes and online delivery and support.

The number of days that students will be asked to attend the College will vary and will be dependent on a range of factors including the numbers of students on the course, the course content and the use of workshops and other vocational settings, resources and specialist equipment.

For further information, visit our dedicated Coronavirus updates page.

How many subjects can you take, and can you combine A Levels and vocational courses?

We do not advise to combine A levels with vocational courses as a general rule, however, on some vocational courses (e.g. Health and Care) you could take an A level alongside the level 3 course.  For example, in Criminology.

You can decide to take between three and five A Levels. We advise that you take four subjects in the first year so that you have some flexibility and can drop one if you’d like to, but you can discuss your options at enrolment!

Can you drop a subject, or change your course after starting?

Yes, you can drop a subject or change your course after starting, and this is quite normal! If you would like to do this, please speak to our Admissions team, or email them at  It is best that you always speak with your tutor or lecturer before deciding on swapping or dropping a subject so they can talk you through how it may affect future options.

Is the Welsh Baccalaureate compulsory, is it useful and do English universities accept it?

All of our learners complete the Welsh Baccalaureate. It is a qualification that helps prepare students for employability, higher education, and to develop essential skills needed for the future.  The skills challenge certificates which form part of the Welsh Baccalaureate will be tailored to your interests, subject choice and future aspirations.

The Welsh Baccalaureate is equivalent to one A Level in UCAS points. The majority of universities will happily accept it as a general entry requirement.

Do you provide any support for students with additional learning needs?

There are two types of one-to-one support offered at the College depending on your needs. In-class support from a learning support assistant, and support outside the classroom from the neurodiversity team. Please let us know at the application stage, or as soon as you can, if you feel that you would benefit from additional support.

If you’d like to discuss any learning support needs privately, please email our Learning Support Coordinator, Ceri Low via email Alternatively, if you have a neurodiverse condition (e.g. speech language and communication difficulties, autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia or ADHD), you can email our College Lead for ALN, Simon Pardoe at

Do you provide any support for students with mental health issues?

There is lots of mental health support at the College. We have a full team of student support officers and three qualified nurses that work as student health advisors full time, alongside meaningful enrichment and wellbeing activities. These staff members are highly qualified and used to dealing with students who have any kind of mental health issues. We have a drop-in facility and we can also book individual sessions or meetings with you.

In addition to this, we have a wonderful mental health package that we work through with learners during tutorial.

What are the differences between the campuses?

At Gower College Swansea, we have campuses at Tycoch, Gorseinon, Llwyn y Bryn and Jubilee Court as well as the Kingway Centre and eventually, Sketty Hall Business School. Each campus has the same quality of teaching and support, but different programmes are offered on each site. Please check the courses on this website to find out where they are offered.

What are the differences between a full and part time course?

Part time courses are usually evening classes which consist of six hours or less of teaching a week. Full time courses are delivered during the day and consist of approximately 15 hours of teaching a week.

I would like to receive course-specific information.

For any full time courses, please email our Admissions team at who will be happy to answer your questions or to pass them on to the relevant departments.

For part time courses, please email our Marketing team at