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Crochet a granny square

Part-Time, GCS Training
Three hours


Dive into the delightful world of crochet with out beginner friendly course focused on creating the classic granny square. Learn how to combine crochet stitches to create square motifs. Learn the fundamentals of crochet from holding the hook and yarn to create the basic stitches and how to form these stitches into the classic granny square.

This short course is perfect for both beginners and more experienced crocheters alike as there will be a range of crochet techniques available to learn from creating the traditional granny square to mixing colours to create more intricate motifs. On this course learners will be guided through the basics of generating a simple granny square and inspired to go on to plan beautiful projects like scarfs, hats, sweaters, cardigans and even blankets. This course has something to appeal to crocheters of all levels. 

Key information

Learners enrolling on this course do not need to be any prior experience of crocheting or sewing, because all the techniques will be demonstrated by an experienced tutor who will support your journey into the world creating granny fabric from scraps of yarn.  All materials and tools required for this immersive course will be provided.

Enrol today, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to engage in mindful creativity while producing a crochet granny square which will be unique to you. 

Learners enrolling in this short three hour class with be able to learn how to hold the hook, hold and manipulate the yarn to create the basic crochet stitches. They will be able to combine these simple stitches to create a traditional granny square. They will be able to secure the yarn ends that will prevent their granny square from unravelling and they will be able to combine colours to create colourful effects and finally learners will be able to join the motifs together to form a larger panel.