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GCS Honours Programme (International)

GCS Honours Programme (International)

GCS Honours is our academic enrichment and support programme, aimed at providing students with additional skills that help to maximise academic performance, as well as to produce more competitive applications to the very best universities.

The programme begins in Year 12, timetabled alongside your A-Level studies, with masterclass workshops and advanced learning opportunities, in a chosen subject, offered to those enrolled.

The successes of our development programmes are reflected by strong GCS alumni representation at top universities. 227 GCS students received places at a Russell Group University in 2021, an outstanding college-wide achievement.

How is the GCS Honours Programme delivered?

Academic Challenge Tutorials:

  • These sessions are the core aspect of the programme, consisting of tutor-led sessions focused on developing critical thinking, critical reading and research skills surrounding your chosen subject. The tutor will be passionate about the subject and willing to challenge your academic potential.

Self-learning skill development:

  • You will be given a Reflective Academic Journal which is to be updated with your own critical analysis and ideas concerning your subject, as a reference for discussion with like-minded peers during your Honours Programme tutorial sessions. This is the ideal preparation for seminar based learning at university, where self-learning, independent analysis and peer discussion around your subject is expected.

Programme Timeline

Year 12:

  • September: GCS Honours applications open and students identified. This is followed by introductory sessions to chosen subjects to ensure you made the right choice for your academic pursuits
  • November - February: Academic Challenge Tutorials commence with guest speakers
  • February - June: Academic Challenge Tutorials continue with additional support for Personal Statement writing and admissions test preparation

Year 13:

  • August: Individual meetings with early entry candidates and final recruitment of all students who wish to apply for Oxford or Cambridge
  • September - November: Admissions Test Preparation, including BMAT and UCAT. Mock interview preparation
  • October: UCAS Early Entry Applicants deadline 
  • January - April: Continued support confirming university offers 

There are specific entry requirements and costs associated with our GCS Honours Programme. Please email for details.