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Sport academies

Gower College Swansea is committed to making elite and recreational sport fully accessible to all students.

At the Sport Academy, there are many ways that students can incorporate elite sport and fitness training into their learning experience without impacting on academic studies.

Joining one of the College’s Sport Academies will ensure you receive a combination of physical and mental agility training that will keep you sharp in the classroom and physically strong - helping you to gain the best academic qualifications and sporting skills. You’ll have access to some of Wales’ best sports training facilities, including the use of specialist sport technology and fitness equipment.

In addition to the sports listed below, we have a Cricket Academy, Basketball Club, and Surf and Lifesaving Club. We also have an Elite Athlete Programme (EAP) for students who compete and train in external elite sporting programmes including cricket, athletics, cycling, martial arts and swimming.

Sport Scholarship Programme

The College’s sports scholarship programme provides selected  students with financial support and mentorship. Applicants will need to demonstrate exceptional ability in one of our sport academies.

Sports bursaries run alongside the scholarships for athletes from other disciplines, based on outstanding performance.

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