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The Kenya Community Education Partnership

We provide funding for a school in Madungu, Western Kenya, where we strive to make a difference in the lives of the pupils.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, goes a long way in supporting our mission. Help us provide staff salaries and nourishing meals for these young pupils and together, we can create brighter futures!

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student helps at Madungu primary school

In 2002, the College set up a charity – the Kenya Community Education Partnership to provide funding for a primary school in Madungu, Western Kenya.

With the monies we raised, the school has been able to pay the salaries of two members of staff as well as lunch for its pupils.

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An incredible opportunity to visit Kenya in 2024

Week 1

Flying to Nairobi, we will spend our first night in a secure campsite. The following day, we will take an eight-hour coach journey to Madungu where we will stay in secured tents/hostel accommodation for a week, with all food provided.

Most of the first week will be based in the school, although we do plan to visit some other educational institutions too. In the school, we will all carry out some teaching (you’ll love it!) either individually or in groups, and also help with school maintenance, maybe some painting and decorating or building some flower beds.

Week 2*

After saying farewell to our hosts, which I’m sure will be quite emotional, we will go on an organised safari - to the Masai Mara and then onto Lake Naivasha - where we will stay in secured tents in the evening, again with all food provided.

* The second week, which includes the safari, we will need to fund ourselves.

The College has received funding for four staff members and 10 students to take the trip. This should cover all flights and travel, accommodation, and food etc for the first week. All students will need to sign up to the agreed Code of Conduct and will need to have had all the necessary vaccinations. They will possibly have to fund the cost of the second week themselves through further fundraising activities.

The trip promises to be an incredible experience! Week 1 will, I’m sure, be very humbling - working in a country with few of the trappings that we have come to expect in the UK, but with staff and pupils whose enthusiasm and commitment will be so inspiring. And Week 2 is an opportunity to see the world-famous Kenya wildlife in its natural environment.

Charity Number: 20150916 KM:1163597 CRM: 0001220