Staff / Student Portal


Staff / Student Portal

The Portal provides you with easy access to web based college systems.

From here students and staff can access resources such as MoodleeILP and College Webmail.

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The college’s virtual learning environment allows learners to access resources related to their course and much more, so that learning can continue outside of the classroom.

Resources include:

  • A specific online course that contains course information and curriculum resources
  • Library Services (including, library search and links to ebooks, ejournals and newspapers)
  • Study Skills
  • Student Handbook
  • My Student Information
  • Useful links

Accessing Moodle
Login to Moodle using your college username and password that is used to login to PCs at college, e.g. bes12406780, r.pollard.

Moodle link

Visit Moodle

Trouble logging in?
If you have trouble logging in to Moodle, please contact:
Tel: 01792 284082

You may also wish to check the FAQs on the logon help page

Office 365 for Staff and Students

As a member of staff or student of Gower College Swansea, you have access to Microsoft Office 365.
To access this resource, you will need to have an active college network account.

Student Login
Students can login to 365 by using along with your college password.

Staff Login
​Staff can login to 365 by using and your college password.

College Webmail

Staff Email
Every staff member has been allocated a college email account. 
Your email address will be your staff login name followed by 

To logon to your email, you must use your login you use at college.

Student Email
Every student has been allocated a college email account.
Your email address will be your student login name, e.g. BLA11107982, followed by

To logon to your email, you must use the student login and password you use at college.

Staff Virtual Office

Virtual Office provides secure Internet access for remote users to log in and access private network resources via SSL-VPN technology.

View a list of the available resources on the VPN.

As of January 20th 2023, a new staff portal has been launched for all staff. Click here to watch a video to find out how to login and then you can access the new staff portal here.

Online Learning Help

I'm having trouble with my password for logging on to a Gower College system (e.g. Moodle).

Please visit this page for assistance with Moodle and college logins.

How do I access Office 365?

As a member of staff or student of Gower College Swansea, you have access to Microsoft Office 365. To access Office 365 you will need a valid college username and password.

For students
Your login would use the following format:

Followed by your network password.

For staff
Your login would use the following format:

Followed by your network password.

How do I contact my lecturer about my studies?

You can contact your lecturer in a few ways.

  • If your lecturer has set up a Microsoft Teams group for you, you can message them from there;
  • If you'd like to email a lecturer directly, their college email address would follow this format:;
  • If you are unable to locate a lecturer's contact details, then complete the form and we will try to help.

I'm a lecturer and my course is missing from Moodle. How do I get a new course added?

Please complete this form with as many details as possible about the course including course code/session, full course title, course type (e.g. A Level, vocational type) and relevant campus. If possible, please suggest the best category for your new course.

Please specify any lecturers that will require teacher access if possible, to enable us to give you immediate access.

Once the course has been created, we will email the course website address (URL) to you so that you may begin working on your course content.

How do I get access to e-Books and e-Resources?

A list of e-Resources is available here.

What is Canvas and how do I get access to it?

Canvas is an online learning platform the College has purchased for use by staff and students on WBL/GCS Training courses based at the Jubilee Court Campus. It allows staff to:

  • Upload and share course materials
  • Create links to useful online resources
  • Set and mark written assignments
  • Create auto-marked multiple-choice quizzes

Accessing Canvas

Once you have created an account (see below) you can login to Canvas here via your web browser. We strongly recommend you use the Google Chrome browser, but Firefox, Edge and Safari are also supported. Please note that Canvas no longer supports Internet Explorer 11 (or older) and therefore it is not possible to login to Canvas if you are still using it. If so, we recommend you install the Chrome browser which is free to download. 

Canvas for Staff

You need to send a request to including your name, email address and the title of the course you want to create and/or want access to.

Once enrolled you will receive an email invitation. Simply click on the ‘Get Started’ link, accept the course invitation at the top of the page and then register for an account. 

Canvas for Students

Your teacher will enrol you on the course and send you an email invitation. Simply click on the ‘Get Started’ link, accept the course invitation at the top of the page and then register for an account.

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College WiFi / eduroam

The college is proud to offer access to eduroam.
To connect to the college WiFi please click on the links below for further information.

College WiFi / Eduroam

Report a Student Absence

If you are unable to attend college, please report your absence