About the Governing Body

The Further and Higher Education Act 1992 requires each college in the Further Education sector to have a governing body. The governing body of the college is known as the Corporation Board. It comprises 20 governors with a wide range of expertise and experience who wish to contribute to the local community.

Recruitment of New Corporation Board Members

The Corporation Board is expecting a number of vacancies for Board members to arise in the near future and is keen to recruit people who feel that they can make a contribution to the College through the Board.

If you would like further information on the role of a Board member at Gower College Swansea and would like to be considered for membership please contact the Clerk to the Corporation.

Chair and Vice Chair
The Board appointed Colin Cornelius as its Chair in May 2012 and Chantal Patel was appointed Vice-Chair in 2016.

 Colin Cornelius     

The Corporation Board is accountable for the financial solvency of the college, its sound management and the quality of the service that it provides. The Board is also accountable for the proper use of the public funds entrusted to it. It is the Corporation’s responsibility to bring independent judgment to bear on issues of strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct.

The Corporation Board duties, as set out in the Articles of Government include

  • determining the educational character and mission of the institution and for oversight of its activities
  • the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the institution and the Corporation and for safeguarding their assets
  • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure
  • the appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of the holders of senior posts and the Clerk to the Corporation
  • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff.

The full responsibilities and membership and procedural information is set out in the Instrument and Articles of Government which are available here:

Instruments and Articles    (1)

In addition rules for the conduct of business have been included in Bye-laws for the College which are available here:

Gower College Swansea Bye-Laws  (2)

The Corporation Board and its Committees
The Corporation Board is provided with regular and timely information on the overall financial performance of the College, together with other information such as, performance against funding targets, proposed capital expenditure, quality matters, student welfare issues and personnel related matters such as health and safety and environmental issues.  The Board meets at least once a term. 

The Board conducts some of its business through a number of committees.  Each committee has terms of reference, which have been approved by the Board.  These committees are Audit, Curriculum and Quality, Finance and General Purposes, Human Resources, Learner Support, Remuneration and Search and Governance.

Agenda, papers and reports are supplied to governors in a timely manner, prior to Board and Committee meetings.  Briefings are also provided on an ad-hoc basis.

Audit Committee (3.1)

  • Chaired by Ray Singh the 6 members review and advise the Board on its mechanisms for assessment and control of risk, appointment, and oversight of the work, of the external and internal auditors and reviewing the recommendations made by those auditors.

Curriculum and Quality Committee  (3.2)

  • Chaired by Dr David Ashelby the 8 members advise the Board on the educational character and mission of the College and to receive and consider the outcomes of internal and external reports on quality assessments following inspections into curriculum areas within the College.

Finance and General Purposes Committee (3.3)

  • Chaired by Andrew Donald the 7 members advise the Board on all aspects of the College’s finances, financial policies and controls, and on other matters such as estates developments.

Human Resources Committee (3.4)

  • Chaired by Chantal Patel the 6 members advise the Board on all human resources policy matters and issues relating the human resources strategy.

Learner Support Committee (3.5)

  • Chaired by Fiona Rees, the 8 members advise the Board on all matters concerning the welfare, guidance and conduct of learners.

Search and Governance Committee (3.6)

  • Chaired by Colin Cornelius the 6 members deal with the recruitment and selection, induction appraisal and governance development of members to the Board and other governance matters including reviewing the Board’s performance.

Remuneration Committee (3.7)

  • Chaired by Colin Cornelius the 3 members advise the Board on the remuneration and other terms and conditions of Senior Post holders.

Minutes are retained of all Corporation Board and Committee meetings.  The minutes of the Committee meetings are provided to all Governors (subject to the exclusions described in The Further Education Corporations (Replacement of Instrument and Articles of Government) (Wales) Order 2006) and reports are received by the Corporation Board from the Chairs of the various Committees.

Minutes of the Corporation Board meetings are made available to the public (subject to the exclusions described in The Further Education Corporations (Replacement of Instrument and Articles of Government) (Wales) Order 2006).  The Board minutes incorporate any significant matters reported by the Committees.  

Minutes of the Corporation Board 2016-17


The schedule of meetings of the Corporation Board and its Committees is available here:

Schedule of Meetings (4)

In accordance with the Gower College Swansea Publication Scheme minutes of meetings will be made available in hard-copy, or electronically, on request from the Clerk to the Corporation Board. 

Board Membership
The Corporation Board has adopted a Code of Conduct to help ensure the effectiveness of the governance process by setting out the standards of conduct expected of Board members. The Code of Conduct is available here:

Code of Conduct (5)

Information about the members of the Board and their Committee membership and terms of office is available here:

About the Governors (6)

Committee membership (7)

A Register of Members’ Interests is maintained by the Clerk to the Governing Body and a copy is available on request.

Annual Governance Report
This report concerns the activities of Gower College Swansea Further Education Corporation during the previous academic year.

If you have any questions about the Corporation Board or governance matters please contact Sharon Barron, Clerk to the Corporation Board, on 01792 284222 or email

Gower College Swansea Privacy Notice for Governors

Please note that all documents dated prior to 20 August 2010 will refer to 'Swansea College' and/or 'Gorseinon College' as they were written before the formation of Gower College Swansea.

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