Our Corporation Board, or Governing Body, is responsible for the strategic direction and financial performance of the College.

Its full responsibilities, membership, procedural information and how it conducts its business are set out in the Instrument and Articles of Government.

The Board’s membership is diverse and includes external members who come from amongst other areas, local businesses, education, the community and professions. The Principal, two students and two members of staff are also members.

The Board meets six times a year and is assisted in its work by a number of committees (Audit, Curriculum and Quality, Finance and General Purposes, Human Resources, Learner Support, Remuneration and Search and Governance) which look at specific areas of the College.

If you have any questions about the Corporation Board or governance matters, if you would like to see the Instrument and Articles of Government, terms of reference for committees or the register of members’ interests, or if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Sharon Barron, Clerk to the Corporation Board, on 01792 284222 or email

Gower College Swansea Privacy Notice for Governors

Updated February 2020