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Exam Timetables

GCSE and GCE A/AS entries close the exam boards on 21 February. Entries are still being made and finalised. Around Easter we will be posting confirmed personal exam timetables to the home address. These timetables should be checked carefully to ensure that:

  • All personal details are correct, if anything is incorrect please contact the Examinations Team
  • All expected entries are listed, you and son/daughter should make a note of the dates and start time of each examination. All AM exams start at 9.30am, all PM exams start at 1.30pm. If you believe any to be missing or incorrect, please contact the Examinations Team.
  • All expected access arrangements are listed. If you believe any to be missing or incorrect please contact the Learning Support Team.

If there is a timetable clash – that is, two or more exams scheduled for the same day and time, usually these will be sat on the same day with supervision in-between. The Examinations Team will confirm these arrangements nearer the time, in writing.

Practical’s, orals and non examination assessments often have no published date, please make sure you know when these are.

Learners can also access their exam timetable via their eilp. The complete timetable will be available on eilp from 19 February.

The exam boards offer advice and tips on their websites, you may want to look at the resources available to help prepare for examination for the qualification followed, these are a few of them

Welsh Government in partnership with Careers Wales, e-sgol, Qualifications Wales and WJEC have made these resources available via the Keep Wales Learning content hub. Please have a look at these resources:

Examination timetables for each awarding body can be found here:

The Exam contingency days are 6 June, 13 June and 26 June 2024. Awarding Bodies advise that learners and parents should consider the contingency day of Wednesday 26 June 2024 when making their plans for the summer. Candidates should be encouraged to remain available until Wednesday 26 June 2024.

Reviewed February 2024.