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Ladies' Football Academy

Ladies' Football Academy

The Ladies’ Football Academy was set up to promote teamwork, dedication and commitment to the sport, while also helping to develop players’ valuable life skills during their College experience. We recognise that sport provides opportunities to help students across all aspects of life, and so we will support you to ensure you have the brightest future possible.

Three training sessions per week are run by head coach Andrew Stokes, whose focus is always on the individual needs of the player. He achieves this through implementing a mixed training schedule that includes football skills development, match preparation, post-match analysis and physical strength training.

You’ll learn from the best at a range of high-quality training facilities located in Swansea, including Play Football Swansea, Pitchside, Swansea University and Gower College Swansea Sports Centre. Match fixtures are set for each Wednesday, which is when you get to really test out everything you’ve learnt. After each match, the coach will spend time with you to focus on postmatch critique of your performance and also ensure you have knowledge of recovery training and injury prevention.

As with all of the training we provide within the Sports Academy, our commitment is to ensure you are at peak condition both physically and mentally, and that the benefits of this will be reflected across all of your learning experience at the College.

Success Stories

Don’t just take it from us; the many successes of the Gower College Swansea Ladies Football Academy speak for themselves! Ria Hughes, Victoria Crocker and Laura Rees are all ex-students of Gower College Swansea, and are currently playing at Swansea Ladies City.

Welsh Schools
Cup Winners 2011-12

Welsh Colleges
5-a-side Runners Up 2011-12

Welsh Colleges League
Runners Up 2011-12

Welsh Colleges League
Winners 2012-13

Football in the community

As with Men’s Football, female students are given many opportunities to take an active role in community sports coaching. You’ll be offered coaching training and first aid awareness, as well as the chance to work with younger people to promote the sport in local primary schools – Football Leaders Awards and Community Sports Leaders Awards are given to those who show the most enthusiasm.

Opening the doors to new opportunities

Of course, players at the Academy can combine their training and study with an academic course of their choice. A number of Gower College Swansea students use their Academy experience and qualifications to go on to study at Higher Education level. Some of those with aspirations of a sports career have headed off to Swansea University and Cardiff Metropolitan University to study Sports and Sports Science at a degree level.

There are even opportunities to apply for a scholarship overseas. Already, many of our students have been lucky enough to secure a place in Higher Education in the USA, providing an opportunity to play a higher standard of competitive football and gain the valuable life experiences that come from studying abroad.

To learn more about the Ladies’ Football Academy contact:
01792 284000