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Funded by UK GovernmentSkills for Life - Multiply


Multiply your Skills for Everyday life! 

Project Multiply at Gower College Swansea is here to help you build confidence in your numeracy skills essential for your daily life with free courses, no matter where you are on your journey! 

Are you just starting out on your own, and feel a little worried about how you will manage your money? Our free Multiply courses can help you take control of your finances, feel more confident, and teach you the best tricks to save money. 

Perhaps you are a little further along your life journey, and looking for your first home? Our free Multiply courses can help you take that first step on the property ladder and figure out how much rent you can afford, best ways to borrow money and manage your debt efficiently. 

Is your family growing, and need to stretch your money a bit further?  Our free Multiply courses can teach you how to cook on a budget and best saving techniques to finally afford that little break away.  

Are you already thinking of your options for retirement or taking care of your grandchildren?  Our free Multiply courses can help you plan ahead to make that time stress free whilst strengthening your numeracy skills to help the little ones with their homework.  

Wherever you are on your life's journey, we are with you every step of the way. Our easy step by step approach will put the fun back into numbers, build your confidence and you can even gain a recognised qualification – how's that for amazing! 

So, if you are 19 or over living and working in Swansea, our Multiply courses are completely free.

Worried about taking that first step?  Think you can’t do it?  You are not alone! 

Even if you had a bad experience with maths and numeracy in the past, our courses have been created with you in mind. They are fun, friendly, relaxed and will equip you with all the practical skills that you need to overcome day-to-day challenges 
So count to 3, take a deep breath... And take that first step with us, you’ll be so glad you did!  

Maths anxiety is a common reaction that can make you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and panicked.  The good news that our courses have been created with you in mind, they are fun, friendly, relaxed and will equip you with all the skills that you need. 

For more information contact us: 

The Multiply Project is funded by the Shared Prosperity Fund through the UK government’s Levelling Up programme 

Levelling Up
Levelling Up