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Drawing for mindfulness

Part-Time, GCS Training
Three hours


Explore the art of mindfulness through the therapeutic practice of drawing. This short course offers a unique opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and creativity while engaging in the rhythm of doodling.

Doodle with intention, using fine line pens which will allow you to foster a deep connection between the mind, body and craft while exploring your creativity through the use of colour. 

Key information

Learners enrolling on this course do not need to be artistic as all techniques will be demonstrated by an experienced tutor who will support your journey into the world of doodling.  All materials and tools required for this immersive course will be provided.

Enrol today, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to engage in mindful creativity while producing a poster which will be unique to you. 

Learners enrolling in this short three hour class with be able to master simple doodling techniques, On this course learners will use colour theory in order to create a unique artistic panel while learning how to calm your mind by focusing on populating sections of the panel outlines to create your own artwork.