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Greeting cards incorporating hand stitching

Part-Time, GCS Training
Three hours


Explore the art of cardmaking through the therapeutic practice of stitching. This short course offers a unique opportunity to combine stitching techniques into cardmaking.

Stitch with confidence, incorporating simple stitch techniques which will allow you to create unique greeting cards, which can not be purchased on the high street. 

Key information

Learners enrolling on this course do not need to have any prior knowledge of stitching as all techniques will be demonstrated by an experienced tutor who will support your journey into the world of cardmaking.  All materials for this immersive course will be provided.

Enrol today, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to engage in mindful creativity while producing a stitched greeting which will be unique to you. 

Learners enrolling in this short three hour class with be able to master simple pricking and stitching techniques, use colour theory to select thread colours in order to create unique cards, while learning how to combine stitching with traditional card making techniques.