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Hand pieced patchwork

Part-Time, GCS Training
Three hours


Discover the timeless art of creating a patchwork panel. Learn how to create beautiful and intricate patchwork panels by hand, no need to be able to use or have access to a sewing machine. Learn how to select fabrics, how to utilise patchwork templates and master the simple stitching techniques required to master this textile artform.

This short course is perfect for both beginners and more experienced quiltmakers alike as there will be a range of patchwork techniques available to learn from creating simple hexagonal designs to using cathedral window techniques – there is something to appeal to crafters of all levels. 

Key information

Learners enrolling on this course do not need to be any prior experience of patchwork or sewing, because all the techniques will be demonstrated by an experienced tutor who will support your journey into the world creating patchwork fabric from scraps.  All materials and tools required for this immersive course will be provided, although you are welcome to bring along your own fabrics if you have any old woven fabrics that you would like to upcycle.

Enrol today, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to engage in mindful creativity while producing a patchwork panel which will be unique to you. 

Learners enrolling in this short three hour class with be able to master techniques from simple paper pieced techniques to more intricate cathedral window  techniques depending on experience, On this course learners will use colour theory in order to create a unique cushion sized panel while learning how to calm your mind by focusing on joining panels together with simple stitches.