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A Level Results - 2023

In 2023, 82% of our students achieved the grades they needed to progress to their first choice university (the UK national average was 79%). This includes 152 students who have secured places at one of the Russell Group universities.

SubjectA*-AA*-BA*-CPass Rate
Accounting A Level13%52%61%96%
Ancient History A Level11%44%89%100%
Biology A Level46%77%86%99%
Business Studies A Level26%51%76%96%
Chemistry A Level60%78%96%100%
Classical Civilisation A Level0%38%77%100%
Computer Science A Level25%50%78%97%
Dance A Level0%0%0%100%
Drama A Level23%77%100%100%
Economics A Level30%60%85%98%
Electronics A Level13%25%44%94%
English Language and Literature A Level13%50%96%100%
English Language A Level36%64%73%100%
English Literature A Level35%61%87%97%
Fine Art A Level44%63%88%94%
French A Level56%78%89%100%
Further Mathematics A Level65%71%88%100%
Geography A Level37%70%81%100%
Geology A Level33%33%33%100%
Government and Politics A Level37%63%100%100%
Graphic Design (Communication) A Level47%47%84%100%
Health, Social Care and Childcare A Level32%55%82%100%
History A Level35%61%81%100%
Digital Technology A Level12%35%62%96%
Law A Level37%59%83%98%
Mathematics A Level52%73%82%96%
Media Studies A Level10%55%90%100%
Music A Level50%88%100%100%
Music Technology A Level7%27%47%100%
Photography A Level48%90%95%100%
Physical Education A Level14%86%86%100%
Physics A Level41%70%85%98%
Psychology A Level29%51%78%100%
Religious Studies - Philosophy and Ethics A Level30%50%90%100%
Sociology A Level30%40%76%94%
Spanish A Level45%73%73%91%
Textile Design (Fashion/Interior)44%78%100%100%
Welsh - Second Language A Level100%100%100%100%