Accommodation for International students

Gower College Swansea takes the safety, well-being and happiness of its students very seriously.

International students aged 16-18 are placed in the home of one of our carefully selected host families for the duration of their studies. Homestay provides students with a caring and safe environment and is an excellent way for students to experience British life and culture as well as providing them with an opportunity to improve their English language skills. The families have been carefully selected, vetted and monitored by our team and all family members over 18 have to pass a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check. 

Many of our hosts are very experienced and have enjoyed sharing their homes with students from all over the world. Some families have children who live at home and it is common for British families to have pets.  

What is included?
Each student will have their own room with study and storage space, breakfast and an evening meal each day and all homes have WiFi. Rooms can vary so the cost of Homestay will reflect the size and facilities of the individual room. Some offer a private bathroom (there are only a few with this option). Students need to state their choices when completing their application form.

Will there be other students at the same Homestay?
We may place more than one student in a Homestay depending on the size of the home and the wishes of the host. Most Homestay families take one or two students and the maximum we would allow is three. We try to avoid placing two students of the same nationality together in order to help them develop their English language skills.

Who can help if the student does not like their Homestay?
It is important to us that the student is happy with their Homestay and that they feel comfortable in their new home. The International Department will support students with any problems they face and our Accommodation Officer can assist with accommodation issues.

Pre-arrival communication with the College and host family
A profile of the host family will be sent to the agent or parent and information about the student will be sent to the host. If both are pleased with the match we can confirm the Homestay placement. We encourage communication between the host and the student before arrival in the UK so that they know a little bit about each other.

Arrival information
It is very important that the College and the host family are aware of the student's travel plans. Please send the following details to the international department:

  • Arrival date
  • Flight details (flight number, landing time)
  • Arrival airport
  • Travel arrangements from the airport to Swansea
  • Approximate arrival at host family.

Respecting family rules
After arrival, the host family will go through a Homestay Agreement Form that states the responsibilities of the host family, student and the College. This has to be signed by all parties. The agreement will cover things like laundry, use of bathrooms, telephone and internet, use of kitchen etc.

Hosts may allow students to have friends to visit at the house. However, the student should always check beforehand with their host and ensure that the guests arrive and leave at a considerate time. Any student under eighteen years of age will require written consent from their parents before they can stay overnight without adult supervision, or at an address other than their appointed Homestay.

Meet some of our Homestay Hosts - the James family and the Carter family

Updated January 2019