Accommodation for International students

Accommodation for International students

International students aged 16-18 are placed in the home of one of our carefully selected host families for the duration of their studies, we call this homestay.  

British home life 
Homestay accommodation provides students with an excellent opportunity to improve their English and become immersed with British life. Eating dinner with the family and being involved with family activities can help students settle into life in Swansea and the UK as well practice conversational English. Homestay families also help support the students and are a crucial link between the College and the student’s families. 

Safety of the students 
Homestay provides students with a caring and safe environment. The families have been carefully selected, vetted and monitored by our team as are their homes and all family members over 18 have to pass a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check. 

Student facilities 
Students will have their own key for the house but must follow College curfew rules. Each student will have their own room with study and storage space, all homes have Wifi and the student will be provided with breakfast and an evening meal each day.  

The homestay family will wash the student's clothing and provide clean bedding and towels for their use every week.  

Travelling to school 
Students will travel safely to school and return to their homestay on College buses. This is another opportunity to mix with British students and become immersed into British culture. 

Students will be allowed to invite friends to their home providing they have asked their homestay family's permission.  Overnight visits will only be allowed with family or agents' signed approval. 

Health care 
International students pay a healthcare surcharge (IHS) as part of their visa application, this allows them access to our National Health Service (NHS). Homestay families will help students register with a doctor on arrival. Should students become ill in College, we have a nurse on site and members of the International department, who are first aid trained, will look after them.  

Further support and guidance 
The International team are always available to help students with any issues that are worrying them, whether it is about homestay, studies, illness or general matters. Their safety, studies and happiness is our priority. 

Homestay Guide for Hosts

Homestay Guide for Students

Meet some of our Homestay Hosts - the Carter family

Updated October 2019