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Introduction to Bread Making

10 weeks
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


This course will give you a good introduction to bread and yeast confectionery.

You will learn to make a variety of bread and fermented items, using traditional methods and techniques.

Items prepared may include bread loaves, bread rolls, fermented buns e.g. Chelsea buns, Swiss fingers and speciality breads.

Key information

You may be working in the industry and feel the need to improve your skills. 

18 years +  

As you are working in a food production area:  

  • No jewellery or piercings 
  • No nail varnish or gel nails  
  • Minimal make up will be permitted.

Lecturer demonstrations, with hands on practical.  

There will be no formal assessment.

Throughout the sessions, you will receive verbal feedback, along with helpful hints and tips. 

Recipes will be provided, which you are encouraged to retain, in the form of a small portfolio.  

You may be able to progress onto a full-time course. 

You may choose to complete another short, no accredited course.  

As you are preparing food, in a commercial kitchen, all students are required to provide:  

  • Industry approved hat (minimum Hairnet) 
  • White coat (minimum Apron) 
  • Closed non-slip footwear. 

Ingredients list will cost approximately £10 per week.