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Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 - Diploma Available in Welsh

Part-Time, Apprenticeship
Level 3
One year
Welsh delivery
Telephone: 01792 284000 (Tycoch)


Our Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools is a comprehensive one year programme, designed to empower individuals with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to excel as teaching assistants or learning support practitioners.

The diploma course delves deeper into the intricacies of educational support, enabling you to make a significant impact on student development and academic success. 

This course is available both as a part-time option and as an apprenticeship.

Key information

Learners must attend an interview with the childcare team and course offers will be subject to a short literacy screening test. 


You must find your own placement where you can complete 300 hours in an appropriate setting of compulsory school aged children.


Apprentices need to secure a school placement and you must be employed for a minimum of 16 hours per week in a suitable school with compulsory school aged children.  

If you do not have the relevant qualifications in English and Mathematics (GCSE Grade C or above), you will need to study essential skills as part of your apprenticeship framework.   

This one year part-time course offers an immersive and comprehensive learning experience that is designed to equip you with advanced skills and knowledge in educational support. Our course delivery is carefully structured to ensure a dynamic and enriching journey, balancing theoretical insights with practical application.

The course is delivered by experienced lecturers through face-to-face delivery, one evening a week, at our Tycoch campus.


Students will explore advanced theories and concepts related to education, child development, and pedagogy. Learning will involve advanced strategies to create inclusive and accessible learning environments for children. Students will develop an ability to adapt methods, materials, and assessments to meet diverse learning needs.


Upon completion of this programme, you will emerge as a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional, capable of offering advanced support to students and contributing significantly to the sector.


The course is assessed through a number of assignment tasks. Learners are also assessed through observation of practice by one of our experienced assessors.

Upon completing the Level 3 Diploma, you'll find yourself equipped with advanced skills and specialised knowledge that opens up a wide range of progression opportunities within the field of education and beyond.  

These include:  

  • Further Education: Use your certificate as a stepping stone to progress to the Award in Transition to Playwork or the Childhood Development Practice Foundation Degree
  • Employment as a specialist support practitioner
  • ALN co-ordinator roles  
  • Teacher training and professional development.

No matter which path you choose, the Level 3 Diploma provides you with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact in education.

You will be required to undergo DBS checks at an additional cost.  

Students are assigned an assessor who will support you throughout your time on the programme. You will have access to a range of facilities and support services at the College to aid your learning experience. You will need to secure a school placement.

C&G Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools
Course code: C3D1130 ETB
34 weeks
6pm - 9pm
Level 3