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Using Office 365 effectively: Word and Forms

Part-Time, GCS Training
Jubilee Court
Two hours


Microsoft Forms is a versatile tool for crafting surveys, quizzes, and polls, offering various question types and real-time analytics for insights. It's ideal for educators, professionals, and researchers. Word, with its myriad features in both desktop and Office 365 versions, holds untapped potential for productivity and document enhancement. This session will explore maximising Word's capabilities, including utilising multimedia and accessibility features. Topics include creating and customising forms, analysing data, and integrating with other Office 365 tools. In Word, attendees will learn effective use of headings, speech-to-text, editor features, multimedia integration, and accessibility tools like Immersive Reader and translation options. By the end, participants will see Word in a new light, armed with tools to boost efficiency and document quality.

Key information

Ability to use a computer with a basic user level.

In person in Jubilee Court.

Attend other digital workshops being delivered by Gower College Swansea.

Using Office 365 effectively: Word and Forms 
Course code: YA1862 DLC14
Jubilee Court
1 day