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Office 365 PowerPoint

Part-Time, GCS Training
Jubilee Court
Three hours


Office 365 PowerPoint is a dynamic tool for crafting engaging presentations with professionally designed templates and intuitive formatting options. Intelligent features like Designer and Morph enhance design quality, and the ability to share and collaborate enhances collective working. Accessibility features ensure inclusivity, supporting assistive technologies. In the workshop, participants will learn to create impactful presentations, covering topics such as using the Designer tool, adding media and text, incorporating animations and transitions, and ensuring accessibility. Other features like SmartArt, Presenter Coach, and subtitle options will also be explored. By the end, attendees will have the skills to effectively communicate their messages, captivate audiences, and collaborate efficiently using Office 365 PowerPoint.

Key information

Ability to use a computer with a basic user level.

In person in Jubilee Court.

Attend other digital workshops being delivered by Gower College Swansea.

Office 365 PowerPoint
Course code: YA336 DLC
Jubilee Court
1 day