Course Overview

History is our interpretation of the past and is about much more than simply facts and dates – it involves the ability to research, analyse, argue, use historical sources and write well. History teaches concepts – cause and consequence, continuity and change.  Discussion and evaluation of interpretations in class enables students to develop an analytical approach to the past.

We follow the WJEC exam board specification. The topics studied are:

  • Unit 1 (AS): Government, Rebellion and Society in Wales and England c. 1485-1603 
  • Unit 2 (AS): Part 1: Weimar and its challenges, c.1918-1933
  • Unit 3 (A2): The American Century, c.1890-1990
  • Unit 4 (A2): Part 2: Nazi Germany, c.1933-1945
  • Unit 5 (A2) Historical Interpretations (coursework)

Updated November 2019

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that prospective students have at least a B in GCSE History (if GCSE History has not been taken, a B grade in English Language is expected).

Course Delivery

There are two exams each for AS and A2 (at A2 there is also coursework.) 

Progression Opportunities

History is a highly regarded A Level and is considered to be one of the facilitating subjects by Russell Group universities.  

Studying History can lead to employment in fields such as administration and management, public relations, teaching,  librarianship, archive and archaeological work, museums and galleries, law, journalism and the media. Typical university destinations for our students include Oxford, Cambridge, University of London, Warwick, Aberystwyth and Swansea.

Additional Information

The department has organised foreign cultural visits to Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Krakow and St. Petersburg.

Course deliverable in Welsh: