Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care (Adult services) Level 3

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Level 3
16 months
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This apprenticeship is suitable for those working in roles that involves supporting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of people who use social care and support services to live independently in a range of settings, including residential, day care or their own home, who also supervise other staff or undertake complex tasks. 

Example job titles suitable for this apprenticeship includes senior social care workers, senior domiciliary care workers, senior support workers, reablement offices, senior day care officers, senior home care workers, senior residential/nursing care workers, as well as senior care and support home workers. 

The framework consists of:

•    Level 2 Health and Social Care: Core Qualification (Adults)
•    Level 3 Health and Social Care: Practice Qualification (Adults)
•    Level 2 Essential Skills Wales in Communication (minimum requirements)
•    Level 2 Essential Skills Wales in Application of Number (minimum requirement)

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Progression Opportunities

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