A first for GCS Training

Updated 25/09/2014

Timothy Hewitt has become the first GCS Training student to achieve CMI Chartered Manager status.

Tim started as a part time student at Sandringham Park where he embarked on a Level 3 ILM Management qualification. He felt that, as a Minister in the Church in Wales, he needed to develop himself in the field of management and leadership due to the role and responsibilities he had within the Church for the Parish and the volunteers.

After the ILM, Tim decided to continue on his learner journey by completing the Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership, the CMI Level 5 Certificate and the Level 5 Diploma, which meant a commitment of 18 months. He is also completing his CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership qualification.

Chartered Manager status is the highest that can be achieved in the managerial profession. Awarded by the CMI, it is recognized throughout private and public sectors and across all management disciplines. Qualifications prove that you have the knowledge. Chartered Manager status proves that you use this knowledge to deliver results.

“Undertaking these qualifications has significantly increased my understanding of intuitive behavior and significantly developed it also,” says Tim. “If intuition is the combination of knowledge and experience, then an increase of knowledge better informs one’s experience and strengthens one’s intuition. This enables me to do the right thing in the right way with a far better response. This has enabled me to conduct my work to a significantly increased higher standard, which obviously benefits those with whom I work. I’ve been surprised sometimes by how people have noted what a difference my work has made to them, but I just thought I was just doing my job!”

Photo: Michelle Corker (Chartered Fellow and Tutor), Reverend Timothy Hewitt and Denise Brookes-Cooze (Chartered Fellow and Commercial Curriculum Coordinator).