Academic Olympiads put students to the test

Updated 16/05/2023

Students from Gower College Swansea have performed extremely well in a series of recent competitions designed to test their skills and prepare them for their university applications.

The learners were able to participate in the Sêr Cymreig Olympiad scheme thanks to the support of the Seren Network, a Welsh Government initiative dedicated to helping Wales’ brightest state educated learners achieve their full academic potential.

The competitions offer the most able students a chance to test their understanding and problem-solving skills in a range of subjects including physics, mathematics, and linguistics.

In the British Physics Olympiad (BHhO) there were Bronze awards handed out to Anna Petrusenko, Katherine Lake, Ryan Evans, William Throp, and Jacob Edwards. In this category,  Commendations were also received by Evan Richards, Owen Williams, Jacob Harris, Jooyoung Jung, and Seth Marshall.

Further Bronze awards were gained in the Sêr Mathemateg Cymru competition by Katie Lake, Anna Petrusenko and Jooyung Jung, with Eve Tzafos and Ella Keyes picking up Commendations.

In the UK Linguistics Olympiad, both Ella Joseph and Keira Bater received Commendations.

“Our students had an amazing opportunity to test their knowledge in these subject areas where they faced some very stimulating and stretching questions and were able to compete against the best and brightest from all over the United Kingdom, so we are really pleased with the results,” says Dr. Emma Smith, the Oxbridge, HE+ and Swansea Seren Coordinator at Gower College Swansea.

“The skills they have all demonstrated are exactly those required for admission to the UK’s top universities, where these Olympiads are recognised as being a mark of excellence.”