Adam in the Garden, Hill House

Updated 17/11/2022

We’ve been lucky enough to have Adam Jones aka Adam yn yr Ardd, a renowned gardener, visit Hill House to teach our Welsh language gardening group. Adam works with level 1- 2 students and the purpose of these weekly practical sessions is to include the Welsh language in a vocational setting. These tailored sessions will be a way of showing our students that the Welsh language is alive beyond classroom doors and that it is possible to work through the medium of Welsh.

We are excited to see this project progress over the year; and seeing the garden at Hill House flourish as the trees, plants and buildings come together to create a stunning garden design. “I’d like to thank Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for putting faith in the project and for making it financially possible for us to develop this exciting plan. Thanks also to Adam for giving us his time and to Curriculum Leader Ian Chriswick for welcoming Adam”, said Anna Davies, Welsh Language Manager. “Without this support we would not have been able to offer this course in Welsh to our learners. It shows that collaborating and networking successfully goes a long when transforming a proactive offer for our students.”