Apprenticeships lead to careers in science

Updated 10/03/2017

Gower College Swansea is currently supporting four young female apprentices as they take their first steps towards a career in science.

Hazel Hinder, Sally Hughes and Courteney Peart (Tata Steel) and Meghan Maddox (Vale Europe) are studying BTEC Diploma in Applied Science and NVQ Lab Technician at the Tycoch campus.

"Since starting my apprenticeship I have gained skills I was unable to practice during full time education,” says Meghan. “My experience in work has enabled me to refine my analytical skills and has allowed me to use complex machinery and equipment that was not available to me in school. My confidence in the lab has grown massively.”

“I would encourage anyone thinking of an apprenticeship to just go for it - you've got nothing to lose! In fact, you'll gain the ability to apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills whilst earning money too.” 

"The apprenticeship has allowed me to start making a career in a field that may have been closed to me due to qualifications and age," adds Hazel. "I wish that I could have known it was an option when I was in secondary school as it improves a variety of skills and allows personal development in a work setting. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

Photo: Chris Costello