Celebrating Shwmae Day

Updated 12/10/2022

This week, each campus has celebrated Shwmae Day in style!

Biscuits, stickers, ‘selfies’ with our orange Welsh badge, resources for staff, and more important than anything - meeting and greeting in Welsh with people across the College. Over the last five days, we have greeted thousands of learners with a friendly ‘Shwmae’!

“The aim of the day was to show that the Welsh language belongs to everyone, and that we can all use the Welsh that we have throughout the year – in the shop, in the leisure centre, in work, in the community, and with friends – everywhere!” said Sian Fisher, the College's Student Engagement Officer. “Here is a chance to make Welsh more obvious and where better place to start than greeting each other!

‘Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae Day’ was a golden opportunity to show the support there is for the Welsh language and a good opportunity to congratulate all those people who are learning Welsh here in the College."

Diwrnod Shwmaer Su’mae Day’ is only the start and we hope it will lead to many more people using Welsh in their everyday lives. We have the power to keep the Welsh language alive and a simple way of doing this is by adding Shwmae to the start of our conversation.