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Young Adult Carers

Young Adult Carer Designated Officers
Ryan McCarley 
01792 284193 / 07917 352 153

Tamsyn Oates
01792 284071 and 07867135815  

A young adult carer (YAC) is someone aged 16-25 who provides unpaid care for a family member, friend or partner who has a health or mental health condition, disability, alcohol or substance addiction.

YACs take on unpaid practical and / or emotional caring responsibilities* usually undertaken by an adult. YAC often feel they are only doing their duty to their family, or doing tasks that anyone would do. This can lead to their responsibilities going unrecognised by friends, schools and colleges. It can also lead to the YAC not receiving available support.

*Such as cooking and housework, managing budgets, assisting with medication, arranging and attending medical appointments, providing emotional support and personal care, such as helping with getting dressed and washed.

The YAC Designated Officer aims to

  • Act as primary point of contact for College staff, external organisations, YAC and their families 
  • Ensure YACs are aware of the Student Support Officer linked to their course so they can meet and discuss any support they need
  • Provide all possible support to YACs, build positive relationships, help with attendance issues and encourage retention and attainment
  • Break down any barriers to learning that YACs may face.
  • Increase College staff and student awareness of the role of the YAC
  • Link with the Admissions team to ensure early identification of YAC applying to College and develop new strategies to identify existing YAC within College
  • Ensure YACs have equal chance to attend educational, recreational and social activities within the College
  • Liaise with Carer’s Trusts to establish an effective working relationship and encourage a united support for YACs.