College supports Digital 2030 vision

Updated 04/05/2023

Jisc is working in partnership with Welsh Government to drive forward Digital 2030, which aims to see learning providers in Wales harness the potential of digital technology underpinned by principles of innovation, collaboration, co-production and social partnership.

Gower College Swansea is proud to have taken part in two recent case studies:

The Growing Comms project looks at the installation of connected active learning spaces in HE and FE which impact positively on learners.

Target Tracker sees colleges working collaboratively to develop digital tools to support learners with additional needs.

“We are always keen to work collaboratively and creatively to improve the learning experiences of our students using new technology,” says the College’s Digital Solutions Manager Kate Pearce. “Both these recent projects allowed us to develop innovative new ways of working and we are looking forward to seeing how we can take these forward now to meet the vision of Digital 2030.”