European visits

Updated 31/07/2014

Around 50 STEM students had the opportunity to travel to Europe for three-week work placements during 2013/14.

Digital Technology students headed to Germany, IT students to Denmark, Motor Vehicle students to Netherlands and Engineering students to Malta. In addition, Plumbing and Electrical apprentices travelled to Finland and Malta.

Shaun Sarsfield, who participated in a visit to Stuttgart as part of the E-STEM2 project, has used the experience to enhance his communication skills and technical competence. He has also developed his team leader skills, which has led to him being appointed an Engineering Ambassador for projects including Saturday Club, and been appointed a student enterprise intern. Sean was recently named Gower College Swansea’s overall Student of the Year for 2014.

Sam Swediuk gained excellent marks in his Underpinning Knowledge assessments as a result of the skills and techniques he learned on his placement. In fact, course leader Jason Lewis reported an improvement in practical and social skills from all the participants.

Two Motor Vehicle students who visited the Netherlands had the confidence to apply for, and gain, highly competitive apprenticeships with prestigious main dealerships (Jaguar and Audi) on completion of their course. They will also be looking to Higher Education to further their skills and will have the confidence to look for work across Europe rather than just in their local area.

The ESTEM2 Project is funded through the Leonardo European Programme.