Ffion aims for the stars

Updated 10/05/2017

A young student from Llandeilo is about to reach for the stars quite literally when she joins the International Space School (FISE) in Texas over the summer break.

Ffion James, who lives in Llandybie and attends Bro Dinefwr Llandeilo, is one of only 50 young people from all over the world to be selected for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ffion will spend two weeks undertaking scientific studies at Clear Lake University and Houston University and will also participate in a ‘flight simulation to Mars’ exercise with her fellow students. 

In order to make her dream a reality, Ffion has needed to raise around £2000 and has been diligently organising fund-raising activities in her local community as well as approaching companies and organisations for sponsorship.

Delighted to be able to help was the Centre for Entrepreneurial Education (C4EE), which is headed up by Sue Poole, Enterprise Manager at Gower College Swansea.

“We were approached by Ffion and were absolutely inspired by her story,” says Sue. “Ffion has shown incredible focus, determination and entrepreneurial spirit in raising money through her various enterprise projects and we are very pleased to be able to contribute a further £100. To say this will be a life-changing experience for Ffion is no understatement.”

“I’m thrilled at the possibility of working in an environment where literally anything is possible,” says Ffion. “Who would have thought, back in the early Sixties, that it was even possible to reach the moon? At the age of eight, I was introduced to the planets by my teacher and I was so enthralled by the possibilities that I saved up for my very own Kson telescope, which still has pride of place in my bedroom. To say that the stars have been an influential part of my life is not an exaggeration.”

C4EE was set up to help creative young people develop their ideas. For more information, please visit www.c4ee.co.uk