Gower College Swansea celebrates Rainbow Week

Updated 05/04/2022

Students and staff at Gower College Swansea are taking part in Rainbow Week, an event dedicated to raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and celebrating inclusivity and the safe and supportive environment of the College.

The week was officially launched by hugely successful boxing manager and promoter Kellie Maloney who visited the Tycoch Campus to share her personal story of transitioning – an event which was livestreamed across the College for those who could not attend in person.

Rainbow Week will also see the launch of Gower College Swansea's Staff LGBTQ+ Network which aims to embrace the unique and diverse workforce, whilst providing a safe space where staff can connect with others, feel supported and raise any concerns.

"We pride ourselves on being an inclusive organisation and hold the Gold Corporate Health Standard Award in recognition of our policy for maintaining and promoting a high quality of health and wellbeing in the workplace," says the College’s Director of HR, Sarah King. "We are delighted that so many staff and students have responded so positively to our plans for Rainbow Week with many saying the planned activities and training will make them feel even more comfortable in talking about LGBTQ+ issues."

Across the campuses, Pride flags are flying and among the many activities being held are competitions for the best rainbow cake decoration and best-dressed rainbow team.

Other highlights of Rainbow Week include a workshop on allyship training and a pre-recorded talk from Chad Cloete about his experience as a gay man within the LGBTQ+ community - both of which are delivered in partnership with Stonewall, the signing of Pride flags across the College, and the distribution of pronoun badges which have been designed by Art and Design students and endorsed by the College’s Equality and Diversity Committee.