Industry giants to assist students with engineering project

Updated 12/01/2016

Digital Technology students are set to benefit from the continuing links Gower College Swansea has formed with manufacturing giants Tongfang Global (THTF).

For the second consecutive year, the Port Talbot based company has agreed to assist students as they prepare to design and build the very latest Smart TV manufacturing aids for their Engineering Education Scheme Wales project.

THTF has given the students access to their manufacturing plant, where they can carry out field testing of their designs. They have also donated Smart TVs on which the students can test their prototypes.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for our students as they prepare for the EESW event at Swansea University in March,” says Curriculum Leader Steve Williams. “THTF have been fantastic allies for the college - providing practical support and resources for our students and sponsoring the Digital Technology Student of the Year Award in recent years. I look forward to our working relationship going from strength to strength.”