Success for former Gower College Swansea students

Updated 12/07/2017

Two former Gower College Swansea students are celebrating after receiving top grades in their degree courses at Swansea University.

Kayleigh Jones and Lewys Aron will be graduating with first class honours in Welsh this summer.
Kayleigh studied A level Welsh (Second Language) at Gower College Swansea before deciding to study Welsh and Mathematics at Swansea University. Kayleigh, who is from a non-Welsh speaking background, will be following an MA course at the University in September. Earlier this year, Kayleigh was runner up in the Learner’s Medal Prize at the National Urdd Eisteddfod.
Unlike Kayleigh, Lewys attended Welsh medium schools. Yet, a few years ago, it would not even have entered his mind to study a degree in Welsh.  As a school pupil, he had little interest in the Welsh language and seldom used it. However, after leaving school and starting a full time post at a local hospital, he came into contact with many patients who spoke Welsh as their first language. Lewys began to realize how important it was for these patients to be able to speak in their mother tongue and felt ashamed he could not communicate with them freely.
After realizing the value of the language, Lewys decided to leave a secure job to pursue his new dream of becoming a Welsh teacher. He enrolled at Gower College Swansea to study AS Levels in Welsh and Politics, before being accepted to study a BA course in Welsh at Swansea University.

Dr Rhian Jones, Head of the Department of Welsh at Swansea University, said: "Lewys and Kayleigh have been a great asset to the department over the past three years, not only because of their academic achievements but also because of their significant contribution to the Welsh speaking community at Swansea University. Hopefully, their success will inspire many more to consider studying A Level and degree courses at Swansea, which are available to both second and first language students. These courses, as our graduates have found, will open doors to a wide range of exciting careers.”

PR: thanks to Swansea University