Welcoming Welsh speakers to the College

Updated 02/09/2022

This year, Gower College Swansea held a Welcome Day for Welsh-speaking young people who are joining us in September.  The aim of the day was to help new students become familiar with the campus, meet other Welsh speaking applicants, meet Welsh speaking staff, and learn about the Welsh language opportunities at College. 

Sessions were conducted by Welsh-medium Sport and Public Services lecturer Wayne Price, Ed Holden (aka Mr Phormula, rapper and beatboxer extraordinaire), Crazy Golf, yoga and mindfulness session with Laura Karadog, Welsh TikTok workshop with Bethany Davies, and tea and a talk with Hansh S4C presenter Ameer Davies-Rana.  A lot of fun was had, with a good mix of activities.  

“We were very pleased with the response to the day as it showed that there is an interest amongst young people to use their Welsh,” says Anna. “It was an excellent opportunity for prospective students to meet other young people from across the area, and prepare them for the College start in September. They all had one thing in common, and that is their unique skill of being fluent Welsh speakers. 

“The purpose of the day was to bring everyone together and raise awareness of the value of that skill, in the hope that they will not forget their Welsh here at the College. I would like to say a big thank to all the staff that helped to ensure a smooth day.  Hopefully this will be an annual event and something prospective students will look forward to.”