Student support

Student services is the first contact point for information, support and advice on anything from careers advice to financial assistance. Our specialist student support staff are available at Llwyn y Bryn, Tycoch and Gorseinon campuses.

Learning support

We provide specialist support for students with additional learning needs or disabilities. We can also apply for funding if you require specialist equipment.


Financial support

Funding can be complicated and there’s a lot to get your head around. Hopefully the information below will give you all the information you need.

Am I eligible for funding?

If you are a UK or EEA citizen who will be studying further education at the College on a full time basis (15+ hours a week) then you do not need to pay tuition fees, however all full time students will need to pay a one-off registration fee upon joining the College.

On some courses e.g. hairdressing, catering or arts, there may be additional costs for specialist equipment or clothing. Details will be given during the application and enrolment process.

If you are joining the College on a part time basis, you will be required to pay tuition fees. It is recommended that you seek guidance from your course coordinator before enrolling to ensure you have all of the information about fees involved in your chosen course. For example, students studying a professional qualification run by a chartered organisation will be required to pay a fee for each exam they undertake, so it's best to get all the facts before making your decision.

For individual course fees of £100 or more, you can apply to pay in instalments (a £10 administration fee is charged for this).

There are tuition fees for International students.

Am I eligible for any financial support?

At the College we understand that everyone's circumstances are different, so we aim to make it as easy as possible for people to study their chosen course, even if this means you may have to find some additional funds to cover costs for equipment or learning materials. There is a range of financial assistance available for students studying at the College.

To speak to a member of the Student Funding Team, please contact the Gorseinon Campus on 01792 890700 / 07500 559123 or the Tycoch Campus on 01792 284000 / 07500 559246 or email

Educational Maintenance Allowance [EMA]
EMA is a means-tested grant of £30 per week intended to help 16-18 year olds with the costs of further education.   

For more information, visit the EMA website or contact the College at Tycoch on 01792 284000 or Gorseinon on 01792 890700. Application forms are available from Student Finance Wales or from the student funding office at the College. 

Financial Contingency Fund [FCF]
The FCF is a hardship fund that is open to full time students. The fund can help to support essential course related costs such as course equipment, books, childcare, DBS checks and transport. The FCF is means tested on household income which must be less than £20,000 per year for students to qualify. Funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You will need to provide proof of household income and if applicable, proof of your residential status.

The College’s Financial Contingency Fund (FCF) opens on Thursday 1 June 2023. Application forms are available online or from the student funding office at the College. 

Welsh Government Learning Grant for FE (WGLG)
WGLG is a means tested grant that provides funding to help with the costs of your education if you’re aged 19 or over. If you’re studying full time you could get payments of up to £1,500 a year or, if studying part time, you could get up to £750 a year. For more information, visit the Student Finance Wales website or contact the College at Tycoch on 01792 284000 or Gorseinon on 01792 890700. Application forms are available from Student Finance Wales or the student funding office at the College. 

DBS checks

Do I need to pay for a DBS check?
At interview you will have been told if you need a DBS check to go out on a structured work placement as part of your course. The check will cost £38, this is subject to change (you can apply for FCF funding to cover the cost). If you do not have a DBS check you won't be able to complete your course.


Full time students are currently offered a subsidised bus pass.

At Tycoch, Kingsway and Llwyn y Bryn students can purchase a First Cymru Bus Pass. This pass can be used to get to and from college and can also be used on evenings and weekends in the Swansea and Neath area on First Cymru buses.


Bus Pass

Specialist academic support

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Welsh language

Gower College Swansea aims to be a bilingual College, with the Welsh language and culture central to its ethos. We promote Welsh and bilingual learning and encourage our students to use their Welsh.

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Futures Hubs 

Our Better Jobs, Better Futures employability programme offers a wide range of employment support. Find our Futures Hubs at both Tycoch and Gorseinon Campus.

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Safeguarding means keeping people safe from harm, abuse and/or neglect.

Abuse is when someone does something to a person that can cause harm. It could be emotional and/or physical harm.
Neglect is when someone is not being given the care and support that they need to live their life, this can include self-neglect.
Disclosure, in terms of safeguarding, would be to make someone aware of situation involving harm, abuse and/or neglect.

If you have any concerns and need to speak to a Safeguarding Officer, please contact Anne Pitman, Learner Safeguarding and Welfare Manager on 01792 284000 or email

Stage one - disclosure (if you have a safeguarding concern)

Firstly, you can ask to speak with a Safeguarding Officer within the College*.

Anne Pitman: 01792 284000
Cathy Thomas: 07946 373 455 
Vicki Wannell: 07393 789 288
Naima Khanom: 07768 035 787
Tamsyn Oates: 07867 135 815 
Ryan McCarley: 07917 352 153
Ian Billington: 07880 089 048
Mohammed Qasim: 07917 136 101

You will then have an opportunity to discuss your concerns with a Safeguarding Officer in private.

You can take a friend with you for moral support. 

The Safeguarding Officer will make notes and might ask for more information. 

A detailed account of the disclosure will be created. Depending on the nature of your safeguarding concern, more evidence may be needed.

* If you would like to speak to someone in Welsh please contact our main reception on 01792 284000 (Tycoch) or 01792 890700 (Gorseinon).

Stage two - referral

The Safeguarding Officer will summarise the disclosed information and explain the next steps.

A decision will be made on who to refer the disclosure to – this could be the police and/or social services or a senior person at the College.

If the Safeguarding Officer has any further questions, you might be called back to have another discussion.

Stage three - next steps (if the disclosure requires a referral)

The police will want to talk to you and take their own statement. They have the power to put measures in place to keep you safe before contacting a perpetrator.

Social services will want to talk to you and take their own statement. They will put measures in place to keep you safe and will contact the police.

Social services and the police will sometimes work together when taking a statement so you won’t have to speak to both parties separately in this case.

College support – the relevant Learning Area Manager will be involved if the incident occurred on campus and the relevant Code of Conduct / policies and procedures will be followed.

Stage four - ongoing support

You can be allocated a Student Support Officer who will provide 1:1 dedicated support. We have seven SSOs split between four campuses.

If a referral is appropriate, Gower College Swansea has trained Counsellors onsite (The Exchange Counselling Service).

Things to remember

Anonymity cannot be promised to a victim, however support can be provided from the beginning of the disclosure process and until needed.

If you disclose that harm, abuse and/or neglect is happening to someone, we cannot keep this information confidential. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you are deemed a child under law and therefore, once a disclosure is made, this may be taken further with or without your consent.