Travel and Tourism (L2 Diploma)

Course Overview

This one year course will give you relevant skills, qualities and knowledge required for employment in the travel and tourism industry.

The course covers a range of Level 1 and Level 2 units, all of which relate to the vast industry of travel and tourism.

As part of the course you will develop your literacy and numeracy skills.

Updated November 2019

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Entry Requirements

Two GCSE at grade D or equivalent. 

Course Delivery

The qualification is designed to develop the necessary skills and qualities required in the travel and tourism industry. The course is taught through a range of visits, practical activities and classroom based sessions.

To achieve the diploma, you will complete 13 units of study, each of which requires you to submit an average of three assignments. These assignments will be issued at various points throughout the year. There are two externally assessed units where you will complete exam papers.

Progression Opportunities

Success on the course can lead to progression to the Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism or employment in the travel and tourism industry. 

Additional Information

Educational visits (you will be required to pay at various intervals of the course) 

Uniform - polo shirt and / or hoodie top

Books which support the delivery and assessment of the qualification

Portfolio, dividers and relevant stationery. 

Course deliverable in Welsh: