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Resource Management Level 2 (Wamitab) - Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship, GCS Training
Level 2
Jubilee Court
18 months
Telephone: 01792 284400 (Jubilee Court)


Resource Management is a fully-funded apprenticeship that will allow individuals to effectively undertake their role in the waste and resource management industry. It is a fantastic opportunity for staff looking to start a career in the sector or experienced staff to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding. 

Resource Management as a sector is becoming vital for organisations, due to organisations acting ethically and taking their corporate social responsibility seriously to meet UK Government objectives for a zero net carbon United Kingdom by 2050. The sector is now seen as specialist, particularly in Wales due to local authorities placing a bigger emphasis on segregation at source.

The Level 2 apprenticeship is for those new to role or those with some experience of working in a relevant role who are looking to become fully qualified in their area. It is ideal for those who need to understand the underlying principles of sustainable resource management.


Key information

Candidates must be working within the resource or waste management sector and have an employment contracts that lasts the minimum time of the apprenticeship, which supports the requirement of the qualification. 

The apprenticeship will be delivered through a mixture of learning in the workplace and classroom, which can be delivered face-to-face or online, as well as one-to-one sessions with your tutor/assessor.

Your tutor/assessor will set tasks, provide support as well as guide you through the apprenticeship programme.

The apprenticeship can be delivered flexibly to suit the needs of the learner and employer. 

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Learners will demonstrate their occupational competence, skills and knowledge by collecting evidence of their work. This evidence will be presented in an e-portfolio and can involve work-based assessment such as observations, witness testimonies, case studies, personal statements and work-based evidence.

Learners will work closely with the tutor/assessor who will ensure the units selected are relevant to the role and organisational priorities.

We will use a range of assessment methods to evidence knowledge and understanding, including:

  • Workbooks
  • Case studies
  • Assignments
  • Professional discussions

The learners will also be required to complete the Essential Skills programme, which consists of a controlled task and confirmatory test, which will need to be sat under exam conditions.