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Welsh Second Language A Level

Level 3
A Level
Two years
Telephone: 01792 890700 (Gorseinon)


This course is designed to improve your reading, writing and speaking skills in the Welsh language. Refine your grammar by revising tenses and mutations, practice your powers of analysis by studying poetry and plays and cultivate your creative writing by completing your personal coursework project. Explore Welsh language history and culture through the Welsh in society module, and study short stories that will spark engaging discussions.  

The first year/AS focusses on the film, ‘Patagonia’, 5 set poems, grammar and a course work project. The second year has the play, ‘Crash’, 4 short stories, grammar, Welsh in society, responding to an article and Welsh media.   

You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in the language by engaging with S4C, Welsh magazines, films, apps, music and theatre.  

Key information

  • A minimum of seven GCSEs at grades A*-C, including English Language 
  • Grade C or above in Welsh second language at GCSE. Full course only. First language Welsh GCSE not accepted
  • Recommended for students who wish to practice and improve their Welsh skills and immerse themselves in the language.  

The course offers an engaging learning experience that combines classroom-based instruction with interactive activities. Through lectures, group discussions, and independent research you will develop a passion and understanding of the language and its history. 

Course delivery and resources are bilingual with an emphasis on the Welsh language. Lectures are nine hours a week split across 4 sessions. Homework assignments and assessments will be given throughout the year to evaluate your progress and understanding of the subject, including essay assignments, orals, past papers and examinations.  



Year 1 (40%) 

  • Unit 1 : Group discussion of the film Patatgonia followed by a discussion of your coursework
  • Unit 2 : Written coursework project
  • Unit 3 : Grammar and poetry (written exam). 

Year 2 (60%) 

  • Unit 4 : Group discussions on Welsh media and the play ‘Crash’ followed by a synoptic element where you will have the opportunity to discuss key themes from across the course
  • Unit 5 : Welsh in society and responding to an article (written exam)
  • Unit 6 : Grammar and short stories (written exam). 

Completing Welsh second language provides you with a solid foundation for your future academic and professional endeavours. The course opens up a range of progression opportunities including higher education in Welsh and other courses through the Welsh medium. The skills that you will develop throughout this course are highly desirable and transferable for career opportunities in the media, education and positions in the public sector in Wales where having Welsh skills are highly valued and sought after.